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Highly efficient and energy-saving

HIFFICIENCY® – High tech accessories

Hifficiency® is the new brand for non-stick-coated baking accessories. We offer professional customers in the baking sector a full range of (perforated) baking sheets and tins, including meatloaf tins.

The most important Hifficiency® products for baking businesses are extremely durable perforated baking sheets that solve the problem of aluminium once and for all and are fully lye resistant thanks to our patented rivet technology. We also offer bread moulds etc. with impressive and unique non-stick properties.

At the heart of our products are our own patented coatings DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ®.

Visit us at the iba trade fair in Munich from 15th to 20th September 2018.

Healthier baking

In addition, only our coatings contain absolutely no solvents or other unwanted substances (e.g. NMP, PAI, PFOA, (bis-)phenol) that outgas during use and cause health risks – up to at least 300°C or even 450°C (pizza trays).

All production (including the unique baking sheets and multi-purpose baking plates that remain completely flat in the oven) takes place on the modern systems at acs in Wilhelmshaven – “made in Germany”.

DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ® coatings

These exclusive coatings are more robust, more heat resistant and more durable than any other coating on the market. The result is baking products with unique (permanent) non-stick properties.

In most applications, you can dispense with baking paper and even greasing. This saves you material, time and energy.

Customers have confirmed to us that using our Hifficiency® perforated baking sheets has reduced oven time by around 10% and that the products are much more durable than those using PTFE/Teflon or even silicon.

Professional accessories for bakeries and large businesses

Available from our specialist dealers

HIFFICIENCY® baking sheet with DURAPEK® coating

HIFFICIENCY® lye perforated sheet

HIFFICENCY® baking tins